Diesel Power Technology

Become A Diesel Technician

Students will gain experience in the day to day operations of a live diesel repair shop with real customers in conjunction with a systems based classroom component. Through theory lectures, shop field trips, student driven research, computer-based learning software and lab training students will spend time investigating each of the following diesel systems: engines, fuel injection, electrical systems, hydraulics, air brake systems, preventive maintenance, power  tools, fasteners, and equipment. Students will learn diesel engine overhaul skills needed to enter the field as an agricultural, industrial and consumer products technician. Tractor trailer trucks and construction equipment maintenance are included in the program. Second year students who qualify may apply to do a cooperative work experience at a local business with industry partners. Leadership training through FFA is also an integral part of this course.

Grades 11-12 | Half day | 120 minutes daily

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  • 10 credits on transcript
  • Recommended (but not required): Mechanical Science
  • Algebra I and Geometry or similar math experience


(upon completion of two year program)

  • 1 embedded science credit
  • 5 elective credits

Qualifying students earn up to 4 college credits (VTC) at no cost to the student!

Industry Recognized Credentials

  • S/P2 Heavy Duty Diesel Technology Safety
  • S/P2 Heavy Duty Diesel Technology Pollution Prevention
  • ASE Medium/Heavy Diesel Truck Engines
  • ASE Medium/Heavy Truck Electrical/Electronic Systems
  • Toyota Forklift Training
  • Haldex Air Brake Training
  • Skills USA Competition
  • FFA Membership
  • CDL Preparation

Professional Skill Building

  • Engine Rebuilding
  • Fuel Systems
  • Hydraulic Systems
  • Power Trains
  • Electronics
  • Customer Service
  • Airbrake Systems
  • CDL Pretrip
  • Preventive Maintenance