Sustainable Agriculture

(Grades 11-12) Half Day (AM or PM) 120 minutes daily


This two-year revolving program provides students with skills and knowledge necessary in pursuing careers and college studies related to today’s northeastern diversified agriculture setting.    Curriculum for 2017-2018 will focus on *Northeast Livestock Production and Sustainable Diversified Agriculture.

Animals are studied from the cellular level up through gross anatomy relating this knowledge to its application in livestock production systems. Students learn how livestock production is managed in Vermont, which may include beef, sheep, swine, goats, horse, poultry and dairy cattle.  Elements of animal behavior, growth and development, nutrition, feeds and reproduction are covered.  Course also includes studies of soil, greenhouse management, dairy products and cheese making, pasture management, forage production, and farm nutrient management. Visits to locally owned farms and agricultural businesses help develop student understanding of the depth and importance of this sector of the community to the local economy.  Students will also raise animals on the PAHCC student farm. Prerequisites: 10 credits on transcript, successful completion of lab-based Biology and another science course.  Credits: 6 credits (1 science, 5 electives) upon completion of the two-year program. Qualifying students can earn 3 college credits in Livestock Production from Vermont Technical College. (AGR 1050)