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A student in ART Technical with her mentor displaying a completed capstone project

A student in ART Technical with her mentor displaying a completed capstone project.

Prom dress

A student in ART Technical hems a prom dress.

Bridge School students welcome and enjoy the ART Children's Show this Fall.

Bridge School students welcome and enjoy the ART Children’s Show this Fall.

Steve and Izzy(Grades 11-12) Half Day 120 minutes daily, m-f.  Two tracks: Technical and Performance.  Students can take ART for one semester or up to two years.

This program, taught by an award winning instructor, offers students an opportunity to create and run a theater company. Students are responsible for all aspects of production: technical, management, performance, research, and writing. Under the guidance of a theater professionals, and English teacher, visiting artists and special guests, students will produce a Fall and Spring season of shows for presentation in schools, theaters and public spaces throughout the county.

Areas of instruction include: playwriting, design (set, costumes, light, sound, poster, prop), set construction, welding, costume fundamentals, acting for stage and screen,  stage management, marketing and publicity, stage combat, special effects and makeup, script writing, audition techniques, individual postsecondary preparations. An English credit is embedded into this program (see description of English curriculum below). Technical theatre offered morning. Performance theatre offered afternoon.

An English credit is embedded into this program. Drama provides the primary literature for A.R.T. However, students are required to read many genres in order to be prepared to do theater. For research and development, students will read non-fiction, technical manuals, and historical fiction. Students will create a writing portfolio which includes ten polished pieces of writing from the following genres: script writing, letters, technical writing, critical analyses, reflective pieces, and individual choice pieces which may include poetry and/or journal writing. This curriculum is completely integrated into A.R.T.

Check out A.R.T.’s website for more information:

Prerequisites:  Successful completion of two English courses,  10 credits on transcript upon entering the program, and completed program application.

Credits: .5 embedded Fine Arts, one applied English and three elective credits upon completion of the two-year program.

Related careers: actor; playwright/screenwriter; lighting or sound technician; set designer; costumer; theater manager.

ENRICHMENT:  National Unified Auditions in New York City,

National Art Honor Society Chapter,




Photos from “A Tuna Christmas”

Tuna Christmas




Student written Ten Minute-One Acts


Designed by Siobhan Haggett, ART Technical Student


Other productions



Photos by Trent Campbell, Addison Independent,