Sustainable Agriculture

Become An Agricultural Entrepreneur

Fall Semester: Students learn how diversified livestock is managed in Vermont and how food crop production pertains to Vermont’s sustainable food system. Sample topics of study are: animal behavior, soil and land evaluation, beef production and animal growth development, Northeastern meat systems and value added production. Visits to locally owned farms and agricultural businesses help to develop student understanding.

Spring Semester: Students study animal anatomy from the cellular level up and how livestock and food crop production impact our soil, water and carbon cycle. Sample topics of study are: sheep production, swine production, poultry production, cheese production, plant/animal production, soil ecology, water resources, composting and agricultural entrepreneurship.

Grades 11-12  | Half Day  | 120 minutes daily

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  • 10 credits on transcript
  • Successful completion of two science classes


(upon completion of two-year program)

  • 1 embedded science credit
  • 5 elective credits

Qualified students earn 3 college credits (VTC) at no cost to the student!

Industry Recognized Credentials

  • National Safe Tractor Certificate
  • Worker Protection

Professional Skill Building

  • Livestock Handling
  • Value Added Food Products
  • Maple Syrup Production
  • Feeds & Feeding
  • Greenhouse Management
  • Tractor Safety
  • Business Planning
  • Animal Behavior and Nutrition
  • Animal Science
  • Feeds & Feeding
  • Soil Evaluation
  • Dairy Production
  • Forage Crops
  • Plant and Vegetable Production