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To ensure equal access to regular secondary career technical programs, the following admissions procedure has been established:

Students seeking enrollment in our technical programs need to be recommended by their partner high school counselor, have an acceptable attendance record, meet any prerequisites required for the program to which they are applying, and have a four-year plan in place to ensure they meet graduation requirements.


Waivers of the eligibility requirements can be granted to handicapped and disadvantaged applicants at the discretion of the student’s staffing team in coordination with representatives from the center.


Selection of students into a program will be based upon:

  • The student’s answers to the questions on the application.

  • The student’s prior academic history.

  • The student’s potential for success in the career area chosen.

  • The student’s ability to follow school and safety rules.

Once the class size is reached in a program, qualified applicants will be placed on a wait list. In the event that there are insufficient openings available, handicapped and disadvantaged students will be subject to the same nondiscriminatory selection procedures as all other applicants.

Students seeking to return for a second year in the same program need to be recommended by their technical education instructor and have a good attendance record.

Late enrollment to a program is permitted up to ten days into each semester, on a space available basis.

All students enter the Hannaford Career Center on a probationary status for ten HCC school days. During this time, a willingness to embrace the HCC code of behavior and to develop workplace readiness skills is assessed.


Continued probationary standing may be recommended if a student shows promise but needs more time for assessment. The partner high school counselor is notified if a student is being considered for extended probation.

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