Medical Professions

(Grades 11 and 12) half day (120 minutes), m-f, for two years, Level 2 in the AM, Level 1 in the PM.

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This rigorous two-year program provides high school students with a unique and important opportunity to explore a variety of health careers.  Students will have extensive exposure to clinical areas such as emergency care, operating room, laboratory, respiratory therapy, medical/surgical nursing, radiology, cardiology and several other health occupations.  Students receive training to prepare them for taking the Vermont LNA licensing exam.  They also receive First Aid/CPR for the Health Provider training.  Students study a college-level curriculum in Medical Terminology and Human Biology.

Prerequisites:  10 credits on transcript and a “C” average or better in a college-prep, lab-based Biology. Strong math skills are also recommended.

Credits:  6 credits (1 science, 5 electives) upon completion of the two-year program.

Qualifying students can earn up to 6 college credits: 3 cr. in Medical Terminology (AHS 1205) and 3 cr. In Human Biology (BIO 1140) from CCV.

Enrichment opportunities include CPR and First Aid Certification, Licensed Nursing Assistant (LNA) Certification (2nd year option), clinical rotations.

Prerequisite: 10 credits on transcript upon entering the program; a “C” average or better in a college-prep, lab-based Biology course.

Recommended Preparation: Strong math skills.

Desirable Qualifications: The ability to work with people of all ages, good communication skills, reliability, self-discipline.

Credits: 6 Credits (1 science, 5 electives) upon completion of the two-year program.

Related Careers: nurse, physical therapist, physician, medical researcher, occupational therapist, athletic trainer, emergency medical technician, medical record technician, laboratory technician, home health care aideMedical Professions Shadow 2013 004.