Design & Illustration

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visual-comm-9-08-001(Grades 11-12) Half Day 120 minutes daily, m-f.  One year.

In this year-long program, students use physical and virtual art materials in combination with a variety of computer programs and technologies (including: Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign Creative Cloud, digital drawing tablets and scanners) to create graphic designs and illustrations. A wide range of traditional and non-traditional art materials (printmaking, drawing, text as art) are used to solve real graphic design and illustration problems. The program focuses on developing one’s own style, calling students to be both creative with and innovative in their approach to art and design. Emphasis is placed on learning and articulating the creative process as well as exploring personal expression. Career in the arts are investigated and students practice professional skills associated with design and illustration.

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Prerequisites: 10 credits on transcript and at least one previous basic art, drawing, or Visual Communications course.

Credits:  3 (1 fine art, 2 electives).

Qualifying students can earn 3 college credits in Graphic Arts I from CCV. (ART 1111) Students need not use one of their college vouchers to earn this college credit.


Recommended Preparation: Capable of using computers and digital technology.

Desirable Qualifications: Creative, enjoys using traditional art materials in addition to computers.

Related careers: graphic designer, commercial artist, illustrator, studio artist, fashion designer, desktop publisher, advertising/marketing specialist, photographer.