Design & Illustration

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visual-comm-9-08-001(Grades 11-12) Half Day 120 minutes daily, m-f.  One year.

“Design is art people use.”  Design & Illustration is a one-year graphic design and illustration program. Over the course of the year, students create both an electronic and physical art portfolio that can be used to apply to colleges, internships or entry-level graphic design and illustration positions.

Students utilize traditional art materials in conjunction with a variety of computer programs and technology, including:  Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, digital drawing tablets, digital cameras and scanners to create portfolio-ready works of art.  Emphasis is placed on learning and articulating the creative process as well as exploring personal expression.  Careers in the arts are investigated.  Visit the class website at


Prerequisites: 10 credits on transcript. One semester of either Basic Art of Visual Communications.

Recommended Preparation: Capable of using computers and digital technology.

Desirable Qualifications: Creative, enjoys using traditional art materials in addition to computers.

Credits: one embedded fine art and two program credits upon completion of the one-year program.

Related careers: graphic designer, commercial artist, illustrator, studio artist, fashion designer, desktop publisher, advertising/marketing specialist, photographer.