Math & English

Our English course, Technical Communications, is offered to Center students who are at the Center for the full day. It meets 40 minutes daily for the full year and students passing the course receive 1 credit.  Technical Communications targets the four areas of reading, writing, listening, and speaking. Our emphasis remains on effective communication with fiction and non-fiction reading and writing, skillful listening, and confident speaking. Students also complete a career portfolio in their field of interest.

You can view the syllabus and curriculum for Technical Communications here.

Students taking A.R.T. will receive 1 credit of English as part of the program. Drama provides the primary literature for A.R.T. However, students are required to read many genres in order to be prepared to do theater. For research and development, students will read non-fiction, technical manuals, and historical fiction. Students will create a writing portfolio which includes ten polished pieces of writing from the following genres: script writing, letters, technical writing, critical analyses, reflective pieces, and individual choice pieces which may include poetry and/or journal writing. This curriculum is completely integrated into A.R.T.

Math is an integral part of many programs at the Center. The content is individualized to the course needs, but includes the following:  arithmetic operations, problem-solving techniques, estimation of answers, measurement skills, geometry, business mathematics, data handling, simple statistics, and the use of algebraic formulas to solve problems.