Student Support

Every student can access friendly and meaningful academic support in our program classrooms and in our Student Support Center. We engage students in a relaxed and positive manner to foster productivity and achievement. Collaborating with students, instructors, parents, and sending schools, we bolster students’ confidence and enthusiasm for the work at hand. From assignment completion to test preparation to supporting organization, we are always excited about helping our students succeed.



The Career Center Guidance office welcomes all questions about course offerings and registering for classes, both for high school students and adults. For more information and to schedule a visit to one or both campuses, please contact: (802) 382-1007 or

The School Counseling Coordinator works closely with high school students and their sending school Guidance personnel to support students in: Academic planning, College and Career development, and Social/Emotional support. Additionally, unique, experiential opportunities are offered such as: Try a Major Day at Vermont Technical College and Girls in STEM workshops. Come explore Career and Technical Education!


Technical Communications

Our English course, Technical Communications, is offered to Center students who are at the Center for the full day. It meets 40 minutes daily for the full year and students passing the course receive 1 credit.  Technical Communications targets the four areas of reading, writing, listening, and speaking. Our emphasis remains on effective communication with fiction and non-fiction reading and writing, skillful listening, and confident speaking. Students also complete a career portfolio in their field of interest. View the syllabus and curriculum for Technical Communications here.