Human Services

(Grades 11-12) Half Day 120 minutes daily, m-f

Designed for students pursuing careers in education, working with older adults and/or working with social services.

PAHCC Human Services Course Description 2017-18

Human Services – The Foundation (Formerly Human Services One)

  1. Course Goal:  To expose students to and prepare students for further education and career paths in a variety of Human Services-related fields.


  1. Course Description : Human Services – The Foundation focuses on key components of the Human Services field and Human Development. Students begin with a career exploration unit which familiarizes them with job opportunities in the Human Services and Education & Training fields. The focus then shifts to understanding foundational components of human development and developing industry recognized credentials; CPR and First Aid. The remainder of the year magnifies the various stages of human development, with students analyzing how we grow, develop and change from conception until death. Students explore physical, cognitive and socio-emotional domains of development throughout. Other areas of student learning focus on nutrition, unique populations, workplace readiness skills and hands-on application in a variety of community settings, including early childhood programs  and facilities which cater to the needs of older adults. Students who demonstrate competency in all areas are recommended for dual- enrollment status, which is offered through Vermont Technical College.   


Human Services – The Fundamentals of Early Childhood Education

(Formerly Human Services Two)

  1. Course Goal:  To prepare students for further education and career paths in early childhood education and / or related human services fields.
  2. Course Description: (Herr, 2016)

A Focus on Early Childhood Education (ECE) and Related Fields.   Career exploration and examination of both the social and economic factors related to ECE field. Review of the essentials of CPR and First Aid. Examination of elemental concepts and theories related to early childhood programs and early childhood development. Comprehensive examination and study of the ECE setting: creating a safe and healthful environment; guiding children; the curriculum and its various components; and, the broader scope of working with families, within programs with colleagues, and as part of  the larger community. Continual focus on ethical practice, developmentally appropriate curriculum and assessment. Observation and participation in an early childhood program. Opportunity for dual-enrollment status for those  who demonstrate competency in all areas, offered through Community College of Vermont, as an online class.*


*Instructor is currently exploring the possibility of aligning this curriculum to The Fundamentals curriculum associated with the Level One on the Northern Lights Early Childhood Career Ladder.