Visual Communications

80 or 120 minutes daily, m-f

Design is all around us. In Visual Communications, students learn the principles of design. Students create original two and three dimensional designs using traditional art materials in combination with a variety of computer programs and technology, including: Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Final Cut Pro, digital cameras and scanners. Students learn the fundamentals of design including: space, tone, color, line, balance, composition and form through projects such as: CD cover design, still-frame animation, costume and fashion design, motion picture studies and set design. Emphasis is placed on learning the creative process and explaining personal expression. Careers in the arts are explored and investigated.

Our instructor, Lisa Rader, has created a wiki page for her classes.  You can check it out here.

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Desirable Qualifications: interest in art, comfortable with computers, willingness to try new things, interest in digital and new technologies, creative spirit.

Credits per semester (double for year-long):

from MUHS:  1 Fine Arts  (taken for 80 minutes)

from VUHS: 1/2 Fine Arts, 1/2 Technology, 1/2 Elective (taken for 120 minutes)

from MAUHS: 1/2 Fine Arts, 1 Elective (taken for 120 minutes)