Learning Express –help for Accuplacer Score Improvement

Dear Students,

Here is an excellent place you can go to practice Accuplacer questions and get help on improving your score. You can do this from any computer–at home or at school.

Learning Express: “DIY” Arithmetic Coach Class

How to get there:
Step 1: www.vsac.org
Step 2: Right column, Quick Links, under “Tools”,
Click on “Learning Express Library”
Step 3:
A) If you have used Learning Express before, log in with your username and password.
B) If you have NEVER used Learning Express before, click on “New User.” Complete the username registration. (WRITE IT DOWN SOMEWHERE!!!)

Step 4: For ARITHMETIC Practice
Go to the left column and click on “Middle School”
Click on “Math Skills Improvement”
Click on “Basic Math”
Scroll down to “Middle School Math Course” options
Choose Course 2: Fractions
Choose Course 3: Decimals
Choose Course 4: Percentages
Add each of these to “My Center”
Scroll way back up to the top of the screen and click on “My Center”
Choose a unit to work on!
When you’re done, don’t forget to logout.
The program will save your place.

And, a quicker way to get an idea of what’s on the test is to check out this packet of sample questions (answer key is in the back–but don’t peek!)