PAHRTSD Board Minutes DRAFT 8/22/16

Meeting Date: Monday, August 22, 2016           DRAFT
  12 p.m.
Location: Hannaford Career Center-North Campus
Present: Jason Larocque, Mark Perrin, Lynn Coale , Michael Giorgio, Laura Lass, Holly Tippett, and Satch Nisun,


Absent: Allison Sturtevant, Richard Rathbun, Richard Frosolone, Michael McGrath, Mike McLaughlin
Visitors: None

Holly Tippett

Topic Discussed Summary of Topic Discussed Decision/Action to Be Taken
Visitor Comments






Report from the Chair



Consent Agenda


















































Informational Agenda

Superintendent Coale’s Letter of Resignation (in packet).  To be discussed during the September Board meeting





Monthly Accounts Payable for June 30, 2016.


BERF Vouchers                                      $  2,481.94


General Fund

Urgent Checks                                    $  26,842.98

      Urgent Checks                                     $19,823.65

Total Expenditures                               $ 46,666.63


Revolving Account                                     $3,010.56


Adult Education Expenditures                        $177.50


Monthly Accounts Payable for July 13, 2016


General Fund

Vouchers                                                  $49,593.54

Urgent Checks                                          $13,786.62

Total Expenditures                                         $63,380.16


Monthly Accounts Payable for August 22, 2016


General Funds

Vouchers                                              $73,353.33

Urgent Checks                                     $33,631.99

Total Expenditures                                    $106,995.32


Revolving Account                                       $1,853.14


Adult Education Expenditures                       $780.00


Minutes of June 8, 2016.



Policy 2.3 – Financial Conditions and Activities (in packet)





Policy 2.8-Communication and Support Monitoring Report




Corporate Resolution Revised-Line of Credit





Superintendent’s Report.  In packet.



Policy 4.1 Governing Style.  Presented by M. Perrin.  No criticisms.



Board Moved to Annual Retreat






Annual Retreat Adjournment













































Monthly Accounts Payable for June 30, July 13 and August 22 approved.


Minutes of June 8, 2016 meeting were approved.


L. Lass moved to accept policy 2.3, M. Perrin seconded, motion passed.




L. Lass moved to accept, seconded by M. Perrin, motion passed.



Moved by M. Perrin to accept, seconded by L. Lass, motion passed.










Moved by L. Lass, seconded by M. Giorgio.






Moved by J. Laroque, seconded by L. Lass, meeting adjourned at 5:07 pm