Plant & Animal Science

Pre-Tech Program: Plant & Animal Science

Fall Semester: Students will learn basic plant growing skills by working with crops in the greenhouse and at the school farm, Deep Roots Farm, on north campus.  Students will learn: how to value add by producing salsas/pestos/pickles and canning the product and how to evaluate soils and change their fertility to improve production. Students will experience hands-on learning opportunities with animals both at Deep Roots Farm and at local farms. Judging and selecting animals, feeding and nutrition, health care issues and breed selection will be covered studying horses and dairy cows. Students will learn about the milk industry and the value-added milk products being produced in Addison County; explore the differences between organic, sustainable and mainstream agriculture production techniques; have the opportunity to participate in the FFA Soils and Dairy Foods Career Development Events.

Spring Semester:  Students will learn how to produce and care for plants by running the school greenhouse, The Garden Patch, on main campus.  Students will plan the crop, select the varieties, and learn pest management and plant fertility. Students will learn how to advertise and market the crop and be responsible for retail sales.  Students will experience the production of local greens at Deep Roots Farm using high tunnels and floating row covers. The animal industry will be studied including the production of chickens, sheep and dairy animals. Students will select and manage an animal project at Deep Roots Farm including feeding, health care and harvesting. Students will have the opportunity to participate in the FFA Horse/Dairy Judging Career Development Event. Leadership training through FFA is an integral part of these courses. Students will have the opportunity to be an FFA officer and learn how to run meetings and develop public speaking skills.

Grades 9-12 | 80 Minutes | 12:10-1:30pm Daily

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I can read informational text for understanding. I can read nonfiction texts for understanding, determining the definitions of symbols and key terms. (CCSS.ELA-LITERACY.CCRA.R)


1 credit per semester, (1 science, 1 elective upon completion of both semesters) or (.5 science, .5 elective per semester)

Industry Recognized Credentials

  • ServSafe Food Handler
  • Worker Pesticide Protection Training
  • Leadership training through FFA

Professional Skill Building

  • Students will be positioned for our Sustainable Agriculture program upon completion of this course