Mechanical Science

Pre-Technical Program: Mechanical Science

Fall Semester:  Students will obtain an industry certification in safe tractor and equipment operation. Students will be able to select correct tools and methods to tear down and reassemble a small, 4-stroke engine. Students will learn:  how small engines work; to measure engine parts and read specification charts to determine engine wear; to use small power tools and tap n die work.  Tractor driving skills culminates in the FFA Tractor Safety Career Development Event.

Spring Semester:  Students will use tractors and lawn mowers to learn different engine systems and how to perform preventative maintenance. Students will learn basic welding skills including plasma arc and oxy cutting, stick welding and wire feed welding. Engine electrical systems including batteries and ignition systems will be learned along with basic electrical knowledge needed to progress in the mechanics industry. Small engine trouble shooting culminates in the FFA Mechanics Career Development Event.

Grades 9-12 | 80 minutes | 10:10-11:30am

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I can read informational text for understanding. I can read nonfiction texts for understanding, determining the definitions of symbols and key terms. (CCSS.ELA-LITERACY.CCRA.R)


1 credit per semester, (1 science, 1 elective upon completion of both semesters) or (.5 science, .5 elective per semester).

Industry Recognized Credentials

  • National Safe Tractor/Machinery Operator Program
  • Leadership training through FFA

Professional Skill Building

  • Advanced topics in mechanics
  • Useful skills for taking Automotive and Diesel Power Technology programs