Computer Science Principles

Computer Science Principles

In this year-long afternoon program, students are introduced to the foundations of modern computing including programming, algorithms, the Internet, big data, digital privacy and security, and the societal impacts of computing. Emphasis seeks to provide students with a “future proof” foundation in computing principles so that they are adequately prepared with both the knowledge and skills to live and meaningfully participate in our increasingly digital society, economy, and culture. This project-based course teaches students how to apply mathematics and analytics to solve complex problems, build solutions with digital tools, and use computational thinking and design processes.

Grades 11-12 | 12:10-2:10pm | 120 Minutes Daily

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Entrance Proficiencies

10 credits on transcript

Evidence of grade-level proficiency in Common Core mathematics domains Number & Quantity, Algebra, Functions, and Modeling


1 embedded math credit

2 elective credits

Qualifying students can earn 3 college credits (UVM) in Web or Software Development (CS 008, CS 021, CS 124) at no cost to the student!

Industry Recognized Credentials

The curriculum was developed by and prepares students for the AP Computer Science Principles assessment (AP CSP)

Professional Skill Building

  Build solutions digitally
  Applied math
  Applied analytics
  Complex problem solving
  Application development
  Web development
  Network operations
  Cyber security
  Internet simulation
  Identifying data patterns & trends
  Policy research
  Encryption basics
  Visualization of data
  Impacts of technology on society