Adult Education Courses


Registration and Information

For more information on any of the Adult Education programs, you can contact Len Schmidt,   Director of Adult Technical Education via email – or phone (802) 382-1005.

Or you may choose to contact Denise Senesac,  Administrative Assistant via email – or phone (802) 382-1004.

Click to download our registration form to print, or complete an online registration here.

Financial Assistance

Many students can receive tuition assistance from Vermont Student Assistance Corp, Vermont Department of Labor, or Vermont Department of Vocational Rehabilitation. Local contact information for these varies by applicant, but in general is as follows:

VSAC – Cathy Hunter  877-961-4369

Vermont DOL – Michelle Thompson 802-382-4029

Voc Rehab – Sue Scott 802-388-4671

If you have been denied or are ineligible for these programs, you may qualify for a partial scholarship through the Hannaford Career Center.  Click here to complete a Hannaford Career Center adult student scholarship application

Fall 2016 Classes:

Complete course listing will be available July 1.  We expect to offer the following:

Licensed Nurse Assistant (LNA) Program (110 hours) $1920

Daytime class M 3-6:00P/Th 12-3:30P/F 12-3:30  Aug 15-Sep 30  J Jacobs

Evening class M/W 5:00P-8:30P Sep 19-Nov 23

These programs are for individuals who are interested in a beginning level skilled care position in health care and immediate employment.  Official verification of immunizations is mandatory.  Criminal background check may be required prior to completion of program or employment.  Daytime program starting late August.  Evening/weekend program starting mid-September. These classes fill up quickly.  Call 382-1004 to reserve a space on the waiting list.

Personal Care Attendant (40 hours) New class!

Wed & Fri; 9:00A-12:00P; Oct 5-Nov 18; 40 Hrs; Instructor Mary Beth Tichacek; $550.

A beginner course to introduce students to the art and science of health care in either home care or residential facility settings. Successful course completers will receive a certificate listing demonstrated competencies and a voucher for $200 off on Hannaford Career Center LNA tuition.

CDL Driver Training New class!

Mon-Thur 7A-12P,  Sept 15-Oct 28  $5200 Class A,  $3500 Class B

Pending  State approval, the Hannaford Career Center will team up with Giroux General Transport of Barre to offer classroom and behind-the-wheel CDL driver training in Middlebury.  Register and pay for this course directly with Giroux General Transport at 802-476-4679. More information available at    Clean driving record, background check, and random substance testing required.

Shielded Metal Arc Welding Level I

Mon; 6-8:30P; Sep 19-Dec 5; 30 Hrs; $550.

A beginner course to introduce students to the art and science of welding. Focus is developing hands-on proficiency. This process commonly known as “stick welding” is the standard for a variety of industries and applications. Hands-on practice with supervisor instruction ensures students develop proper technique. Also includes intro to MIG, TIG and cutting.

Shielded Metal Arc Welding Level II – 

Please call to express your interest and we will contact you if we are able to schedule this course; $550.

Designed to enhance SMAW welding skills and prepare students for taking structural steel welder performance qualification test(s) in accordance with the American Welding Society requirements. This course may be scheduled either separately or as part of SMAW I, depending on the number of students interested.

Intro to Residential Construction

Mon; 6-8P; Oct 3-Nov 7; 16 hours; $285.

This class is intended to build participants’ knowledge of basic construction for employment, self-reliance, or communicating with construction professionals.  Two hour sessions will be divided between class time and shop time.  No prior experience necessary, but ability to read a tape measure is helpful.  Work shoes and long pants required during labs.   Topics covered include:

  • Carpentry and light construction vocabulary
  • Hand and power tool use and safety
  • Intro to scale drawings and blueprints
  • Basic framing including floor, wall, door, window, rafter, & roof layouts
  • Familiarity with construction and job site math

Quickbooks Level I

Quickbooks Level II – New class!

Word 1 – 2013

Tue & Thu; 5:30-8:30P; Sep 13, 15 & 20; F. Walsh; 9 Hrs; $155 with text. The following topics will be covered:  learn how to navigate the “ribbon bar” to perform tasks, explore the Word window, create/save documents, print, move copy, format and edit text.

Word 2 – 2013

Tue & Thu; 5:30-8:30P; Sep 22, 27 & 29; F. Walsh; 9 Hrs; $155 with text; $125 without text. The following topics will be covered: create/modify tables, use headers/footers, margins, page breaks, AutoCorrect, find/replace, and add graphics/clip art. You will have time to reinforce skills learned in Word 1.

Word 3 – 2013

Tue & Thu; 5:30-8:30P; Oct 6, 11 & 13; F. Walsh; 9 Hrs; $155 with text. The following topics will be covered: styles, outlines, sections and columns, formatting tables, and printing envelopes/labels. You will have time to reinforce skills learned in Word 1 and 2. 

Word 4 – 2013

Mon & Wed; 5:30-8:30P; Oct 18, 20 & 25; F. Walsh; 9 Hrs;

$155 with text; $125 without text.

The following topics will be covered:  templates, building blocks, graphics, managing document revisions, and web features.  You will have time to reinforce skills learned in Word 1-3.

Excel 1 – 2013

Tue & Thu; 5:30-8:30P; Nov 1, 3 & 8; F. Walsh; 9 Hrs; $155 with text.  The following topics will be covered: explore the Excel window, navigate a worksheet, save and update workbooks, move and copy data/ formulas, insert/delete ranges, rows and columns, and use functions.

Excel 2 – 2013

Tue & Thu; 5:30-8:30P; Nov 10, 15 & 17; F. Walsh; 9 Hrs; $155 with text; $125 without text.  The following topics will be covered: text, rows, columns and numbers, print documents, use chart basics, manage large workbooks, and format with graphics. You will have time to reinforce skills learned in Excel 1.

Excel 3 – 2013

Tue & Thu; 5:30-8:30P; Nov 29, Dec 1 & 6; F. Walsh; 9 Hrs; $155 with text. The following topics will be covered: how to navigate multiple worksheets/workbooks, advanced formatting, outlining, and working with tables. You will have time to reinforce skills learned in Excel 1 and 2.

Excel 4 – 2013

Mon & Wed; 5:30-8:30P; Dec 8, 13 & 15; F. Walsh; 9 Hrs;

$155 with text; $125 without text.  No class May 28.

Covers web and sharing features, advanced charting, documenting and auditing, templates and settings, and pivoting tables/charts.  You will have time to reinforce skills learned in Excel 1-3.

Using Google Apps at Work and School New class series!

Use these free, powerful applications to work and collaborate more effectively with others!  Sign up for one class or the whole series.  Taught by Teri Fitzgerald,

Google Docs

Tue; 4:30-6:30P; Oct 11-25; 6 hours; $75.

Are you getting the most out of your Google Docs? This series of classes will start with the basics of creating a

document and lead you through the key components to make your documents look professional by setting the margins, fonts, and colors you need; share editing or reading privileges by applying the proper sharing settings as needed; insert images, tables, and equations; and provide comments on the document to co-workers or students. Each class will have guided instruction and time to apply the skills to a document of your choice for use in your particular area or classroom.


Google Drive

Tue; 4:30-6:30P; Nov 8; 2 hours; $25.

Need help organizing your Google Drive? Learn to create folders, move files, upload files & folders, and take control of your drive! Same class format as Docs.  Review sharing and privileges.


Google Spreadsheets

Tue; 4:30-6:30P; Nov 15-29; 6 hours; $75.

This series of classes will introduce the power of spreadsheets for organizing lists, data, formulas, and graphs. Note: It is helpful to understand the basics of Google Spreadsheets to make the most of the data received by a Google Form.


Google Forms

Tue; 4:30-6:30P; Dec 6-20; 6 hours; $75.

Use Google forms for a simple survey, a quiz for students or feedback from clients or parents; includes basics of Flubaroo.

Mental Health First Aid
–  Oct 21 8:00A-4:00P N Reilly; $35.

Not sure how to respond with a client, family member, or community member in distress?  Mental Health First Aid is an evidence-based training course designed to give members of the public key skills to help someone who is developing a mental health problem or experiencing a mental health crisis. The 8-hour course covers a range of common disorders and potential crises such as helping someone who is having a panic attack, contemplating suicide or struggling with substance abuse.

Understanding and Responding to Disruptive Behaviors New class!

Mon; 6:30-8:00P; Sep 12-Nov 21; 15 hours; Instructor MUHS Officer Chris Mason; $225.

An exploration of the social and psychological function of discipline, and the role of authority. We will examine the evolution of punishment, and its place in our culture, focusing especially upon delinquency. The course will begin by plunging into the broad concepts and re-examining our assumptions about them, then progressively narrow its focus toward specific techniques for addressing unruly, and even hazardous, classroom conduct. The intent is to come to a deeper appreciation of our role as figures of authority, and to develop pragmatic strategies for wielding that authority in effective, constructive and ultimately positive ways.

Cooking And Eating Sustainably w/MNFC


On Line Classes:

We offer access to online class through Ed-2-Go.  The link on the left will take you to their course offerings







Daytime Technical Programs

Adults without high school diplomas (or with a GED) may apply for free training in daytime technical programs. Tuition is charged to adults with a high school diploma and non-Vermont residents.  Call (802) 382-1004 for more information or to apply. Fall semester registration is open now.

Class Cancellation Information

Adult division evening classes will be cancelled any time that the Hannaford Career Center or Middlebury UHS classes are canceled.  In addition, some classes may be cancelled because of other reasons or storms that develop later in the day.  Cancellation information will be posted here.



Tuition refunds may be requested by individuals by notifying the PAHCC Adult Education Office at 802-382-1004 of your intent to withdraw from a class. Students who withdraw at least five business days before the beginning of a class will receive a full refund.   Students who withdraw after this date may receive a pro-rated refund at the discretion of the Assistant Director for Adult Education not to exceed the pro-rated schedule for institutional payees listed below.

Tuition refunds will be made to institutional payees based on the following schedule:

  • Attendance of two weeks or less…………………………..refund 80% less $50 registration fee
  • Attendance of two to three weeks………………………..refund 60% less $50 registration fee
  • Attendance of three to four weeks ……………………….refund 40% less $50 registration fee
  • Attendance of four to five weeks………………………….refund 20% less $50 registration fee

If a student notifies PAHCC of their intent to withdraw later than five weeks after the start of a course, no refund shall be issued.

If an individual class is rescheduled due to inclement weather or other reason, students will be given a choice of either a make-up class or pro-rated refund.  If a course offering is cancelled by PAHCC due to low enrollment or any other cause, students will be issued a full refund.

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Register using one of the following ways:
• WALK IN – 8 AM to 3 PM, Monday-Friday
• FAX IN – (802) 388-2591

eMail to

• BY MAIL OR PHONE – (802) 382-1004


You will not be contacted unless class is cancelled. Classes are filled on a first-come, first served basis.