Adult Education

Registration and Information

For more information on any of the Adult Education programs, you can contact Len Schmidt,  Assistant Director of Adult Technical Education via email – or phone (802) 382-1005.

Or you may choose to contact Denise Senesac,  Administrative Assistant via email – or phone (802) 382-1004.

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Financial Assistance

Many students can receive tuition assistance from Vermont Student Assistance Corp, Vermont Department of Labor, or Vermont Department of Vocational Rehabilitation. Local contact information for these varies by applicant, but in general is as follows:

VSAC – Cathy Hunter  877-961-4369

Vermont DOL – Michelle Thompson 802-382-4029

Voc Rehab – Sue Scott 802-388-4671

If you have been denied or are ineligible for these programs, you may qualify for a partial scholarship through the Hannaford Career Center.  Click here to complete a Hannaford Career Center adult student scholarship application



Register now for Fall 2015 Classes!



 Shielded Metal Arc Welding I

Mon; 6-8:30P; FALL 2015 start date to be determined; 30 Hrs; $550.

A beginner course to introduce students to the art and science of welding. Focus is developing hands-on proficiency. This process commonly known as “stick welding” is the standard for a variety of industries and applications. Hands-on practice with supervisor instruction so students develop proper technique. Also includes intro to MIG, TIG and cutting.

GPS and Computer Mapping for Landowners

Sat; 8A-2P; Mar 14; 6 Hrs; $49.

Look for this again in the Fall!

Skilled Butcher/Meatcutter Certificate.

Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points- MPFS 1123

Offered in Randolph through Vermont Tech in Fall 2015  

 Poultry Processing – MPFS 1214

Prerequisites: MPFS 1123 or equivalent or concurrent enrollment in MPFS 1123. Offered in Randolph through Vermont Tech in Fall 2015

Meat Processing and Fabrication (MPFS 2122) and Meat Processing and Merchandising (MPFS 2120) will be offered in Spring 2016

Meat Industry Apprenticeship – MPFS 2204

Prerequisites: MPFS 1123, MPFS 1214, MPFS 2120, and MPFS 2122. VT Department of Labor 2000 hour  apprenticeship. Student must be employed full-time for one year or half-time for two years with one of several industry partners; $350.00.

Advanced Livestock Processing/Safety Analysis

– MPFS 2264 Prerequisites: MPFS 1123, MPFS 1214, MPFS 2120, and MPFS 2122. Concurrent enrollment in MPFS 2204 required. Required for Certificate; Individually scheduled; $500.00.


Industry-recognized Credential for working in manufacturing, construction, or processing settings.

Available online anytime or in the classroom in Fall 2015.




(Science, Technology, Engineering & Math)

Certificate programs available Fall 2016:

Intro to Electrical Wiring

Solar Installation Basics

Warehouse Operations

Intro to Utility Tech




Licensed Nurse Assistant Program (LNA)

Tues/Thursday; 5-9:00 p.m.; Sept. 14-Nov 13; 120 Hrs; $1,920 includes tuition and text. $129 extra for licensing exam fee.

This course will prepare the student to apply for Licensed Nurse Assistant (LNA) licensure with the State Board of Nursing.  The program is targeted to individuals who are interested in an entry-level position in healthcare and immediate employment.  Official signed verification of immunizations/titers is mandatory and must be presented to the instructor. Call 382-1004 to register.  These classes fill up very quickly!

Basic ICD-10 Medical Coding (Part 1)

FALL 2015 – A step-by-step approach to give you a basic knowledge of the assignment of codes needed by a wide range of medical environments preparing you for careers in physician offices and many other clinical settings. Teaching matches the format of the coding system itself, with hands-on coding determination based upon diagnosis, body system, and medical activity, using a textbook that gives many practice scenarios that are useful in real-world applications. Prerequisite – Medical Terminology or permission of instructor. 40 Hrs; $600 includes text.

Advanced ICD-10 Medical Coding (Part 2)

Winter/Spring 2016 – Continuation of the material covered in the basic skills class that builds upon that foundation and gives students the wide range of knowledge needed to become certified in medical coding. Prerequisite – Basic ICD-10 Medical Coding Part 1; 40 Hrs; $600.

Pharmacy Technician

Tues; 6-8:30 p.m.; Sept. 15-Nov 17; 15 Hrs; $350 includes tuition and text. $129 extra for licensing exam fee.  Background check required for employment.

This is a preparatory course which leads to completion of the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board licensing exam.  Topics include regulation and control, terminology, calculations, routes and formulations, and inventory management.

Computer Competency Certificate

Complete all levels of Excel, Word and earn a Certificate of Initial Computer Mastery authorized by the Adult Technical Education Association of Vermont.  Prerequisite: Information Processing course or proven competency.

 Word 1 – 2013

Tue & Thu; 5:30-8:30P; Apr 7, 9 & 14: F. Walsh; 9 Hrs; $155 with text. Unlock the potential of Word by learning to navigate the “ribbon bar” to perform tasks. The following topics will be covered: explore the Word window, create/save documents, print, move, copy, format and edit text.

 Word 2 – 2013

Tue & Thu; 5:30-8:30P; Apr 21, 23 & 28; F. Walsh; 9 Hrs; $155 with text; $125 without text. The following topics will be covered: create/modify tables, use headers/footers, margins, page breaks, AutoCorrect, find/replace, and add graphics/clip art. You will have time to reinforce skills learned in Word 1.

 Word 3 – 2013

Tue & Thu; 5:30-8:30P; May 5, 7 &12; F. Walsh; 9 Hrs; $155 with text. The following topics will be covered: styles, outlines, sections and columns, formatting tables, and printing envelopes/labels. You will have time to reinforce skills learned in Word 1 and 2.

Word 4 – 2013

Tue & Thu; 5:30-8:30P; May 19, 21 & 26; F. Walsh; 9 Hrs; $155 with text; $125 without text. The following topics will be covered: templates, building blocks, graphics, managing document revisions, and web features. You will have time to reinforce skills learned in Word 1-3.


Daytime Technical Programs

Adults without high school diplomas (or with a GED) may apply for free training in daytime technical programs. Tuition is charged to adults with a high school diploma and non-Vermont residents.  Call (802) 382-1004 for more information or to apply. Fall semester registration is open now.


Class Cancellation Information

Adult division evening classes will be cancelled any time that the Hannaford Career Center or Middlebury UHS classes are canceled.  In addition, some classes may be cancelled because of other reasons or storms that develop later in the day.  Cancellation information will be posted here.


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Register using one of the following ways:
• WALK IN – 8 AM to 3 PM, Monday-Friday
• FAX IN – (802) 388-2591
• BY MAIL OR PHONE – (802) 382-1004
You will not be contacted unless class is
cancelled. Classes are filled on a first-come,
first served basis.